We offer a wide range of consultancy services, which can be tailor made to meet your objectives in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Our main services are listed below:

  • Tree SurveysTree surveys are generally carried out for tree owners responsible for large groups of trees. With the main aim of assessing their tree stock. Accurately recording and mapping trees.  To enable management decisions to be made with regard to tree safety, liability and assets management. Enabling tree owners to fulfil their general legal obligations.


  • Tree Inspection – Individual trees may require a more detailed level of inspection to aid management decisions. This may be as a result of an initial survey or for owners of individual trees. This may include decay detection, analysis of fungal fruiting bodies, identification of pest and diseases and assessments of structural integrity and vitality.


  • BS5837 Planning Applications – We can provide reports to support planning applications in line with BS5837.
    • Categorisation of trees for retention or removal.
    • Production of tree constraints plans, including mapping of root protection areas of retained trees.
    • Provision of arboricultural method statements.
    • Site monitoring visits.
    •  Discharge of arboricultural planning conditions.



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